Solution overview

Design Visions

Arcology is the most well-designed blockchain system

Scalability and cost are the major factors stopping blockchain from mass adoption. They are intertwined issues in many cases and are very complicated. Over the years, we’ve seen many proposals, but few successes. This, we believe, is a result of deeply rooted design problems that haven’t been addressed.

Arcology is a revolutionary blockchain infrastructure, specially targeting at scalability issue that many blockchain networks are facing today. A truly scalable blockchain infrastructure for the web3.0 era. It is significantly faster, cheaper to use, we believe it is the best blockchain network in the world.

Other Solutions

Other solutions are either inherently flawed solutions or have serious limitations

Incomplete or flawed

Over the years, blockchain community has proposed a number of solutions and all of them rely on some type of parallel processing, including sharding, sidechains and rollups.

But in reality, these solutions are either incomplete or flawed.

Core Technologies

A blockchain native parallelization scaling solution

Parallel processing is at the core or Arcology’s scaling solution. In Arcology, multiple transactions are processed in full parallel mode. The system can always reach the maximum level of throughput with the computation resources available. There is no theoretical limits on how fast Arcology can go. 

Build on Arcology

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Network validators

Provide unmatchable performance at lowest cost

In Arcology, a node is no longer a machine with one copy client software installed. User can choose another deployment mode called cluster deployment. In this mode, the key modules of the single client software are installed on multiple machines connected by network. These interconnected machines can work together to share the workload and act like one system.  Network validators can choose the best deployment options based on their needs.

All in One

Most cost efficient
$ 50
  • - Single Machine
  • - Cloud On-premise
  • - Easy Setup & Low Cost
  • - TPS 15k+


Balance option
$ 100
  • - Multiple Instances
  • - Some Network Setup Required
  • - Low Cost
  • - TPS 25K +


Unmatchable performance
$ 150+
  • - Full Size Clusters
  • - Better for Advanced Users
  • + Higher Cost
  • - TPS 30K +