Uniswap V2

Case overview

Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX) is the most popular DEX built on the Ethereum platform. It allows users to trade cryptocurrency without an intermediary. It is one of the first DeFi applications to gain significant traction.

The Brief

What majority of blockchain scaling solutions like sharding and sidechains are trying to achieve is called inter-contract parallelization. This concept is relatively straightforward and intuitive. In many cases, transactions calling different contracts belong to different application can run in parallel easily.

Our Approach

This example the performance to run the original Uniswap v2 on Arcology. We made no changes to the original source code. This example demonstrates how Arcology inter-contract parallelization benefits transaction processing.

The Results

The new version achieved some astonishing results. Our version is about ~200x faster than the original version on Ethereum.


Decrease in bounce rate


Increase in average session duration


Faster on Arcology than Ethereum

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