Arcology Blockchain Network

Self Organizing

Arcology performs better at scale, made possible by the network’s unique self-organizing designs.
  • Semi-autonomous partitions allow the network to continue performing at maximum capacities even as growth accelerates
  • The self-organizing process intelligently and dynamically collects state data and validators into groups that localize transaction processing
  • Interaction-based partitions are created automatically when closely related entities are grouped together on the network
  • This continuous process is forever adapting to network and application demands
  • Cross-partition communication is naturally reduced during self-organization, removing inefficiencies and increasing throughput
  • Congestion-resistant processes reduce the risk of network slowdowns during unexpected activity surges

Read the Technical Paper

Arcology's technical paper gives you the near complete scope of its capabilities. Discover why you should build on the Arcology blockchain network.

Read the Technical Paper

Frequently Asked Questions

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Arcology Blockchain Network