Parallelized CryptoKitties

Dapper Labs
NFT game on Ethereum platform
Project summery

NFT applications make a sizeable proportion of popular DApps today. The first well-know NFT game is CryptoKitties by Dapper Labs.

First launched in 2017, CryptoKitties is still the largest nonfinancial DApp on Ethereum. It caused serious network congestion blockchain during to limited scalability of Ethereum platform.



The original CryptoKitties core developed by Dapper Labs ( The original CryptoKitties could be downloaded from

The major goal of Parallel-Kitties is to demonstrate how a typical, real-world Ethereum application may achieve dramatic performance gains with our concurrency framework. We optimized the original CryptoKitties with our concurrency framework. The optimized CryptoKitties is functionally identical to the original one, the changes are mainly focused on some internal data structures and no business logic has been changed.

The optimized source code can be found here


The new version achieved some astonishing results. Our version is about ~1000x faster than original on Ethereum.

0 %
No changes to the internal logic
0 %
User experience retained
~ 0 x
Significantly faster with Arcology than on Ethereum

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