Fully on-chain order book DEX


On-chain orderbook & matching engine

The topic of centralized exchanges is a point of contention within the decentralized community. Despite this, their orderbook model presents clear benefits. The ideal solution would involve constructing a decentralized exchange (DEX) with a fully on-chain order book and matching engine, where all trades and transactions occur on-chain. 

This setup would promote exceptional transparency and security. Nevertheless, the challenge of scalability poses significant obstacles. Fortunately, Arcology offers potential solutions for addressing these issues.


The IoT generates a massive amount of data, so the blockchain should be able to scale to handle this data effectively


The IoT involves many different devices and systems, so the blockchain should be designed to support interoperability with other platforms and protocols.

Smart Contract support

Smart contracts are automated agreements that execute when specific conditions are met, and they can be used to automate transactions and processes in the IoT. The blockchain should support smart contracts to enable automation in the IoT.


The blockchain should provide transparency by allowing all parties to view the transaction history and ensure accountability.

What Arcology offers

High throughput

Arcology has the capability to handle tens of thousands of transactions per second, which positions it as a desirable platform for order book DEX.


Typically, Ethereum DEX keeps their orderbook and matching engine off-chain due to performance limitations. With Arcology, the DEX can fully run the orderbook and matching engine on-chain.

Low fees

Running the orderbook and matching engine on-chain can result in a high volume of transactions. However, Arcology's scalability and processing power can alleviate these issues.

Arcology is the blockchain for resource intensive DApps

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