Arcology Blockchain Network


Arcology’s new and unique consensus algorithm unites existing models on one network.
  • Multifactoring is an objective evaluation mechanism that quantifies node contribution and commitment in a comprehensive, objective manner
  • Multiple factors are taken into account, yielding higher quality contributions and greater overall network performance
  • Flexible, ever-improving ecosystem rewards nodes based on a multifactor qualification score and encourages the algorithm itself to evolve over time
  • This revolutionary new consensus mechanism works equally well on permissioned and permissionless networks
  • Centralization tendencies are naturally counteracted by multifactoring’s dynamic, adaptive design
  • Active participants are given greater credibility, and therefore receive more rewards
  • Dynamic consideration means that multiple factors are considered, with weights adjusted to maximize performance, competition and security

Read the Technical Paper

Arcology's technical paper gives you the near complete scope of its capabilities. Discover why you should build on the Arcology blockchain network.

Read the Technical Paper
Arcology Blockchain Network