March 22, 2021

Arcology Provides Update on Its Optimized Version of CryptoKitties Application

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (March 11th, 2021) – Codebase Ventures Inc. (“Codebase” or the “Company”) (CSE: CODE – FSE: C5B – OTCQB: BKLLF) is pleased to update Arcology’s previously announced news of its improved version of CryptoKitties.

CryptoKitties is the most popular game on the Ethereum blockchain, but its initial success caused network slowdowns and inflated transaction fees.

“Ethereum is the most important blockchain in the world right now, and for good reason,” says Laurent Zhang, Arcology’s founder “But it continues to suffer from its popularity. Our blockchain platform is designed to solve Ethereum’s performance shortcomings.”

Arcology’s version of CryptoKitties, created as an internal benchmarking tool, outperforms the original by a factor of 1,000 to one.

During their most recent benchmarking tests, Zhang and his team documented their application’s performance. Two videos have been posted to the YouTube link on the Arcology website,

·       In one video, Zhang’s team demonstrates how the Arcology testnet handles token transfer transactions, which are commonly seen in applications like online payments and DeFi (decentralized finance). The network reached a top transactions per second (“TPS”) of more than 40,000.

·       In the other video, the Arcology team simulates approximately nine months of CryptoKitties gameplay by generating 2.5 million transactions running on 32 Ethereum Virtual Machines, or EVMs. During the test, the application’s one-minute moving average TPS reached a maximum TPS of 28,571.

For comparison, Ethereum’s original network handles just 15 to 20 transactions per second. According to previous announcements by Ethereum, planned improvements are expected to increase Ethereum’s TPS to approximately 3,000.

Arcology’s public GitHub code (previously announced) can be reached via Arcology’s website, The source code used in the performance demonstration is publicly viewable within this repository.

Qualified developers are invited to conduct their own performance tests of the optimized application on the Arcology testnet. For security purposes, access is by invitation only at this time. Interested parties are asked contact and provide relevant professional credentials.

The Company also announced that it has engaged Stockhouse to provide investor awareness services.

For more information, visit Codebase Venture Inc.’s website,