Arcology Blockchain Network
Arcology Blockchain Network

A Blockchain Ecosystem With Unlimited Scalability


Arcology's scalability is magnitudes greater than other blockchains currently on the market - a single node cluster can scale without limits.


With heterogeneous smart contracts running on the same platform, we offer cross-platform functionality without sidechains.


Arcology's architecture is suitable for both permissioned and permissionless scenarios, with many unique features.


Thanks to very low transaction and storage fees, Arcology is the most developer-friendly decentralized network.

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Arcology's technical paper gives you the near complete scope of its capabilities. Discover why you should build on the Arcology blockchain network.

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Arcology Blockchain Network

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Arcology’s version of CryptoKitties outperforms the original by a factor of 1,000 to one.

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Arcology Blockchain Network

What is Arcology?

Arcology’s industrial-grade platform will scale at unprecedented speed by reducing costs and increasing enterprise capabilities.

Microservice architecture to achieve maximum flexibility, scalability and cluster computation.

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The first the only blockchain system has achieved full Parallelism through cluster computation.

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Smart Contract

Compatible with multiple smart contract language flattening dApp developer’s learning curves.

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Virtual Machines

Running Heterogeneous VMs simultaneously in the same node, on the same chain.

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Low-cost, high-performance, tiered storage designed for data-intensive application.

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Multifactoring consensus algorithms to generalize all existing consensus models under one roof.

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Network Communication

Adaptive inter-node communication protocols adjust parameters to achieve maximum throughput.

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Self Organization

“Intelligent and Dynamic Sharding” to further improve network scalability.

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