Arcology Network

The blockchain ecosystem for Large-scale Web3 Apps

What Is Arcology

Arcology is a blockchain specifically architectured for high performance Web3 applications​

A systematic solution to some the deeply rooted issues within current blockchain designs

Arcology addresses all the common challenges faced by the blockchain technologies today with its sophisticated designs and revolutionary technologies.
Arcology brings the blockchain design to an unprecedented level. It is built to empower applications requiring both high performance and low cost. Arcology is especially friendly to resource intensive applications.
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Check out how Arcology accelerates some of the popular Ethereum DApps

Build on Arcology

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Getting Started

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Download & start

Download Arcology AIO container to start a local testnet or connect to ours.
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Check & confirm

Check the testnet status to make sure everything is working properly.
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Start exploring

Connect Ethereum tools and applications to the testnet via standard interfaces.
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Start a high performance testnet to experience unmatchable throughput.
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Benchmarking the world's fastest blockchain with millions of real-world transactions.
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Take a close look at Arcology's design and implementation details.
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