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Tag: Solidity


Arcology Network Launches Custom GPT

Arcology Network, an Eth L2 blockchain platform featuring parallel execution, is excited to announce the release of its Custom GPT, an advanced AI model specifically designed to assist with concurrent programming within the Arcology ecosystem. This innovative tool aims to help…

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The First Parallel Ethereum Rollup

Arcology Network is thrilled to announce the integration of Arcology as a Layer 2 Rollup within the Ethereum ecosystem. This milestone establishes Arcology as the first true parallel Ethereum rollup, setting a new standard in scalability and performance. The First Parallel…

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Arcology Unveils Concurrent Lib v2.0

Arcology Network, a pioneering blockchain platform, is thrilled to announce the release of its highly anticipated Concurrent Library v2.0. This guide introduces Solidity developers to the boundless possibilities of concurrent programming, optimizing the performance of their smart contracts. Laurent Zhang, Founder…

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