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Baker Tilly Assessed Arcology Network


Arcology, a blockchain network that aims to address the scalability issue with parallel transaction execution, has announced that it has successfully completed the previously announced assessment with Baker Tilly. The teams worked closely to evaluate the platform’s scalability and Ethereum compatibility, focusing on the most important use cases of blockchains today, such as CryptoKitties for ERC-721, DSToken for ERC-20, and coin transfer for payment scenarios.


The test was conducted on AWS with 200 nodes, and the team deployed all the applications on the network. A total of 5 million pre-generated transactions were sent to the network in 100 batches with 50,000 transactions in each. The network withstood the heaviest workload under conditions that many had previously thought to be unimaginable for other blockchains. The Arcology team demonstrated the system is resilient even under extremely high stress, showcasing the platform’s ability to handle heavy workloads.

During the compatibility test, the team used the Truffle development suite to connect to Arcology, testing and deploying applications. Arcology is fully compatible with Ethereum, but it has a completely different codebase, meaning that it’s not an Ethereum fork. This test demonstrated the technical strength and vision of Arcology, paving the way for the future.

  • ~ 15,000 TPS
  • 200 nodes
  • AWS cloud environment
  • 5 million transactions

The Arcology team’s successful completion of the assessment with Baker Tilly has demonstrated the platform’s technical strength, EVM compatibility and resilience. It is a significant milestone for Arcology, providing valuable insights that will help the team to refine and optimize the platform for real-world use cases. The involvement of a reputable firm like Baker Tilly underscores the credibility and seriousness of the Arcology team in building a robust and scalable blockchain network. With its ability to handle heavy workloads and compatibility with Ethereum, Arcology is poised to make a significant impact in the blockchain industry.

The team can now refine and optimize the platform for real-world use cases, paving the way for widespread adoption in the future. With its unique approach to solving the scalability challenge and full EVM compatibility with Ethereum, Arcology is well-positioned to lead the way in the blockchain industry.