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The most well designed blockchain!

Arcology is the best scalable blockchain network in the world.

Powered by the world’s first parallel transaction execution engine, Arcology is the most scalable EVM compatible blockchain. It brings the blockchain design to an unprecedented level. It is built to support applications requiring both high performance and low cost. 


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Our mission

Arcology is a revolutionary blockchain infrastructure, specially targeting at the scalability issue that many blockchain networks are facing today. A truly scalable blockchain infrastructure for the web3.0 world.

Our advantages

Parallel processing is at the core of Arcology’s scaling solution. In Arcology, multiple transactions are processed in full parallel. The system can always reach the maximum level of throughput with the computation resources available. There are no theoretical limits on how fast Arcology can go. 

The entire system is constructed and designed to prioritize performance while still maintaining crucial decentralized features.


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Core technologies

World's first and only Multithreaded EVM

Multithreaded EVM allows for multiple transactions to be processed concurrently, significantly improving the overall processing speed and performance

Reduced MEV

By executing transactions in parallel, it can be more difficult for miners to extract maximal value, as the order in which transactions are executed becomes more randomized.

Optimistic concurrency control (OOC)

OCC allows concurrent access to shared resources and only check for conflicts at the time of update. it simplifies implementation and increase determinism. Contract developers are relieved of the responsibility of protecting shared states.

High contention immunity

Despite all its advantages, OOC is generally sensitive to contention, which is the degree of competition for access to shared resources. Arcology has a comprehensive solution dealing with contention

Concurrent library

Arcology provides a set of concurrency APIs in native Solidity. Developers can write contention-free smart contracts using our lockless data structures and utility tools.

Full composability

Composability is an essential feature of decentralized applications. Arcology has achieved parallel execution with full Contract composability preserved.

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A small but effective team

Our team comprises highly skilled and enthusiastic developers who are dedicated to introducing cutting-edge technologies to the decentralized future

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